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  1. [Trigger warning: sexual violence] Will the death of Oksana Makar be in vain?

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    On 9 March, Ukrainian Oksana Makar was raped, strangled and left for dead at a construction site, her body having been set on fire. She spent 10 hours with her body slowly burning, calling for help, until she was discovered. Two of the three men who committed the crime were initially let go. According to news reports, they are well-connected – but a wave of public anger in Ukraine caused the police to “rethink” the situation, and all have been placed in custody. Now that Makar is dead, they are being charged with murder.

    This is a video (be warned – it’s extremely upsetting) of Makar that her mother shot in the hospital. She is in obvious pain, being pestered by her mother to make some sort of statement. The girl says her assailants need to have “their balls torn off”. She’s angry and defiant, showing where her arm was amputated, waving the bloody stump.

    "Tell them, I’ll live while I’m alive," the mother urges.

    "I’ll live while I’m alive," Oksana repeats.

    Natalia Antonova on the horrific rape and murder of a 18 year old in Ukraine - and how "until Ukraine has a proper civil society in place, well-connected men will still assume that they can destroy another human being and likely get away with it". Read the entire piece here.

    An awfully sad and disheartening read, but an important one.


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