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    • After James Cameron’s amazing feat, we thought we’d make a gallery featuring some of Hollywood’s men (are they always men? Answers on a postcard, please) doing more for the world than just making films.

    To go with that, here’s Hadley Freeman’s guide for Celebrities Doing Serious Things.

    Photographs: Mark Thiessen/AP, Argenpress/Rex Features, Sergei Karpukhin/Reuters, Win McNamee/Getty Images

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    As a Sudanese, I am concerned not because I would like foreigners to stay out of internal affairs, but because the view Clooney is presenting to the world is not an accurate one. This is not out of any deliberate manipulation on his part, but Clooney’s campaign is rooted in a political culture that does not care for nuance.

    It all really goes deeper than the criticism aimed at his Enough Project, the Save Darfur campaign, or the “genocide paparazzi” satellite monitoring scheme – all of which are symptomatic of an overarching failure in US foreign policy, which promotes a black-and-white understanding of some situations, often underscored by moral superiority. After all, “Arabs are genocidally massacring blacks in the Nuba mountains” is far sexier and easier to digest than “the people of the Nuba mountains sided with the Southern People’s Liberation Movement during Sudan’s decades-long civil war between north and south, and after the secession of the south last year, a disgruntled SPLM candidate for governor lost what he believed were rigged elections and then took arms against the government in Khartoum in co-operation with the residual Nuba SPLM cadre, whose grievances had still not been addressed”.

    Sudanese writer Nesrine Malik explains why George Clooney isn’t helping Sudan


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