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  1. Robert Moog rhymes with ‘vogue’: what mispronunciations annoy you?

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    Robert Moog is celebrated on Google’s homepage today with a playable version of one of his pioneering electronic synthesisers. It would have been the late founder of Moog Music’s 78th birthday today, and he would tell anyone who asked that he pronounced his name not with a long “oo” sound, but to rhyme with “vogue”.

    Moog seemed to be quite tolerant of people mispronouncing his name, however. Tell us if you get rather more agitated when you hear other mispronunciations. Which names and other words do you wish people would stop getting wrong?

    Tell us!

    (Source: Guardian)

    1. panickyintheuk answered: Michael Chabon!
    2. theonlywayisentropy answered: Moët = Mo-ett not Mo’ay (is that clear??)
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