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  1. Black mathematicians: the kind of problems they wish didn’t need solving

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    Check out Jonathan Farley – a professor of mathematics who has received death threats from the KKK and was once wrongly detained on suspicion of being a bank robber – writing on racism in academia.

    John Derbyshire, a columnist for the National Review, wrote an essay last week implying that black people were intellectually inferior to white people: “Only one out of six blacks is smarter than the average white.” Derbyshire pulled these figures from a region near his large intestine.

    One of Derbyshire’s claims, however, is true: that there are no black winners of the Fields medal, the “Nobel prize of mathematics”. According to Derbyshire, this is “civilisationally consequential”. Derbyshire implies that the absence of a black winner means that black people are incapable of genius. In reality, black mathematicians face career-retarding racism that white Fields medallists never encounter. Three stories will suffice to make this point.

    Let us know what you think.

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      This essay hits the nail squarely on the head. There is a nasty sort of synergy to the claims that blacks (and other...
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      Victim blaming and institutional racism. Ugh.
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      You know, I’m not one to normally get into the racism thing - I feel like it just leads down a path towards more racism...
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      Here is an article regarding the event which has instigated this far reaching discussion:...
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