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  1. I’m not racist, some of my colleagues are white

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    What’s more, definitions of diversity tend to be skin-deep, about differences you can see – and stick on the cover of your corporate brochure (“black man to the left please, and we’ll have the hijabi in the middle”). Further, because diversity credentials are something companies like to show off, it tends to help to focus on the more marketable minorities.

    There is a wealth of evidence, for example, that “ugly” people are frequently underpaid and might benefit from legal protection. But, really, who wants to put a minger front and centre of the company website? And, God/Allah, don’t even get me started on the fat. Women: when it comes to earning potential it seems you can never be too thin.

    Arwa Mahdawi writes about diversity - and how in her opinion the Harvard Business Review is right: diversity schemes can be dangerous if they ignore socioeconomic divisions

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