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    Photographs, clockwise: Bettman/Corbis; Bettman/Corbis; Hulton Archive/Getty Images; Chris Hondros/Getty Images; Alex Lentati/Evening Standard/Rex Features; David Duprey/AP; Gary Cameron/Reuters

    Above, extracts from a gallery compiled by our fantastic picture desk. Below, an emotional farewell to Kodak, written by The Guardian’s head of photography, Roger Tooth:

    I’ve wanted to write something about the imminent demise of Kodak since rumours about their bankruptcy started circulating a couple of months ago. But it wasn’t until I caught a repeat of British fashion photographer Rankin’s TV programme about Time magazine’s veteran photojournalists that something really caught my eye, taking me back to my early experience of being a photographer. It brought home what Kodak meant to me.

    The documentary includes a clip of an old BBC Omnibus film about the great war photographer and Life staffer Larry Burrows, who returned time and again to Vietnam to document the war, and eventually died there. Here he was, I guess early in the morning, getting ready to go out for the day, sitting and talking about his experiences to the film crew while opening box after box of Kodak film. He was taking out those lovely, tiny, dome-topped tin canisters and chucking the boxes at his feet until it formed a veritable pile of discarded cardboard.

    Read the rest here

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      A great tribute and well worth clicking the above link to read the rest! So say us at TUSS.
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